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NH House Freedom Caucus
For Immediate Release
July 25, 2018

Contact: Rep. JR Hoell, 603-315-9002

NH House Freedom Caucus Congratulates House on Rejecting Senate Bill That Paved the Way for Other States to Compel Our Businesses to Collect Their Taxes

Concord – The New Hampshire House Freedom Caucus (NHHFC) yesterday called the proposed legislation for Wednesday’s special legislative session ineffective and in desperate need of reform. The proposed legislation created the road map on how to allow out-of-state entities to force our businesses to collect their taxes. Today the House rejected the proposed version and adopted a simple study commission to study the issue.

“The proposed legislation, SSSB1 inadvertently trampled over protections in both our State and the Federal Constitutions. Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution of the United States explicitly designates Congress with the Authority to act on interstate commerce. ‘No State shall, without the consent of Congress lay any impost or duties on imports or exports…’ SSSB1 as introduced, built the ladder to broach the walls of protections that our State and Federal Constitution provide”, stated Rep. Dan Itse (R-Fremont)

“The House was asked to vote on a bill that created a legal frame work for other states to compel our businesses to collect their taxes. The floor amendment that was finally adopted striped out the unconstitutional sections, and was a great step forward. There was a better way to address the SCOTUS decision and I am disappointed that the House Leadership did not take up the rules for a more transparent process that would have concluded on September 13th with legislation that would have addressed all of the issues surrounding the South Dakota v. Wayfair decision”. Rep. Hoell (R-Dunbarton)

“The bill that that was before the house today, did not create a roadblock, but a toll booth to allow other states to force New Hampshire Companies to collect their taxes”, Rep. Spillane (R-Deerfield)

The New Hampshire House Freedom Caucus is a grassroots organization consisting of legislators and private citizens, who believe in personal liberty and the traditional conservative “Yankee” values that made New Hampshire a great place to live.