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For Immediate Release – June 6, 2017
Contact: Representative JR Hoell (603) 315-9002

NHHFC on House Forming Committee of Conference of Same Leadership that Led to Budget Failure

Concord – The New Hampshire House Freedom Caucus (NHHFC) today gave the following comments in response to the House of Representatives forming a committee of conference on the state budget that includes the same House leadership that led the House budget to fail in April.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. By putting the same leadership on the committee of conference that led to a budget that failed by over 85 votes, the state is being set up for having no budget that can pass the House later this month. We need a fresh start to begin the processing of a truly fiscally responsible budget, not the same group that offered a reckless spending increase,” stated Rep. Anne Copp (Danbury).

“How can the Senate or Governor even begin to approach a committee of conference knowing that there isn’t much chance that the House conferees can pull together a majority of the body? This is a recipe for disaster and is something that we can all see coming,” added Rep. McConnell (Swanzey).

“With less just two weeks to go to the final House session, it is critical that the House leadership find a way to work with all of their members. However, the message that the House is sending in these negotiations when they put forth leaders who were so utterly clueless about the budget in April is they are only interested in more of the same. This is short sighted at best,” said Rep Hoell (Dunbarton).

The New Hampshire House Freedom Caucus is a grassroots organization consisting of legislators and private citizens, who believe in personal liberty and the traditional conservative “Yankee” values that made New Hampshire a great place to live.