NH House Freedom Caucus to Host Forum for Speaker Candidates November 2nd

Concord — The New Hampshire House Freedom Caucus (NHHFC) will host a forum for candidates for Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives on Thursday, November 2nd. The event will take place at the Holiday Inn in Concord after the conclusion of House veto session which is scheduled for 1:00 PM that day. Almost all of the publicly declared candidates for House Speaker have already committed to attending the event, which will include a panel of state experts on issues facing the legislature in 2018. Next week, NHHFC will announce a full list of Speaker candidates attending and the list of panelists.

The event will be open to credentialed media and House members of all parties. The public will be allowed to attend, depending on space available.

“The House Freedom Caucus knows that it is critical for members to hear from those who wish to serve as Speaker about where they stand on key issues that might come forward in 2018. Giving these candidates a forum with a panel of distinguished experts allows each of them to get their message out to those who will be voting later in November. While we don’t anticipate that the Freedom Caucus will endorse any candidate, we want all members to go into this vote with a clear sense of what 2018 might bring. We look forward to providing this opportunity to all the candidates,” said Rep. JR Hoell (R-Dunbarton).

What: NHHFC Hosts House Speaker Candidate Forum

Where: Holiday Inn Concord, 172 N Main St

When: 2:00 PM (or 15 minutes after House session, whichever is later), Thursday, November 2nd

The New Hampshire House Freedom Caucus is a grassroots organization consisting of legislators and private citizens, who believe in personal liberty and the traditional conservative “Yankee” values that made New Hampshire a great place to live.