For Immediate Release- April 17, 2017
Contact: Representative JR Hoell (603) 315-9002
New Hampshire House Freedom Caucus PAC Creation

New Hampshire House Freedom Caucus Announces the Formation of House Freedom Caucus PAC to Support and Protect Current and Future Members

Concord – The New Hampshire House Freedom Caucus (NHHFC) today announced the formation of a new political action committee (PAC) to protect current and future Freedom Caucus members. The PAC will be chaired by Rep. Dan Hynes (R-Hillsborough-21) and will raise funds to support current members of the Caucus and candidates who hold strong to the ideas of limited government and personal liberty.

“Last year, Speaker Jasper utilized his PAC to target conservative Republican members in primaries. Based on his recent actions of maligning conservatives in the press and banning conservative House groups from the State House meeting rooms, we have every reason to believe that he will continue to undermine conservative candidates in the next election. The NH Freedom Caucus PAC will help to protect those members and candidates who stand on principle and refuse to be dominated by a big government House leadership,” stated Rep. JR Hoell.

“For many individuals who might consider running to serve in the House, they need to know that there will be help if they don’t immediately pay allegiance to a Speaker that is working to rapidly grow government, whether through his vote on Medicaid expansion or on budgets with 10.5% spending hikes. The NH Freedom Caucus PAC will be a beacon of hope that there will be resources to defend those to still believe in the values of protecting taxpayers and growing liberty,” said Rep. Greg Hill

The New Hampshire House Freedom Caucus is a grassroots organization consisting of legislators and private citizens, who believe in personal liberty and the traditional conservative “Yankee” values that made New Hampshire a great place to live.