from Ed Naile, Chair, Coalition of NH Taxpayers

The Coalition of NH Taxpayers is proud to have so many elected officials take The Taxpayer Pledge against a sales or income tax. Having elected officials in our citizen legislature who promise not to lead us into the broad-based taxes the surrounding states suffer under is encouraging.

Now we have even more to be encouraged about.

There is a group of NH House members, the NH House Freedom Caucus, who have seen the proposed 10.5% increase in General Fund spending for the next biennium and they are preparing to limit that spending by standing together to oppose it. NH taxpayers should support them.

It is hard to believe as we finish Town and School Meetings across this state that a 10.5% increase in State General Fund spending is even being considered. The rate of inflation estimates for our State are a third of that amount. How are seniors and people on fixed or limited incomes to keep up?

If you are concerned about the rapid increase in State spending and endless growth in government, contact your State Representative. Ask if they will get on board an effort to control the 10.5% increase and find a more reasonable number for the General Budget, one people can afford.

In the Legislature, just like in municipalities, there are people who always say yes to any increase in government spending, without any regard to the future or their neighbors. We call them YES voters. They believe government has all the answers – if only it had more money.

Fortunately, we have a group of NH Legislators who know better. It doesn’t take a lot of sensible legislators to make a difference. Please support the ones who will try.